About DEX

There is no one else in the automobile market like DEX. Our "easy car shopping" concept has just one goal: to enable you, in complete peace of mind, to find a superb car that suits you and is available immediately - at an irresistibly DEX price.

The car of your dreams

DEX knows what you want: an attractive and reliable car that suits your style and your needs. That is why we always have a select choice, from small, town cars to comfortable family cars as well as some more exclusive models. Some 600 cars from more than 20 makes.

DEX is the perfect place to easily compare vehicles and make a choice that will satisfy you 100%.

DEX specialises in brand new and good as new cars.

We only select cars of the right model and colour to meet our clients' criteria. At DEX, you won't find glaring colours or cars without options.

In addition, each car must come up to scratch in 103 areas before being given a DEX label. And they come with a guarantee of at least 1 year, which can be extended to 5.


Let's DEX!